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Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2021
The makable mind (28th edition) - 7 augustus tot 28 november 

Voormalig Suikerunie terrein Groningen, 9743 DA Groningen


SELF. expo x NR. 39, NUMMER 39,

Voorstreek 39, 8911 JJ Leeuwarden, friesland, Leeuwarden, Netherlands


Dag & Nacht Groningen:

Dagblad van het Noorden 



GET TO KNOW THE photographer

Claudia Charlotte Glansbeek (1994) is a self-taught photographer from The Netherlands. Still thriving to learn and experiment even more.  I photograph people, places and everything that's interesting in my eyes. Focussing on portraits, still-life, fashion / editorial, commercial product photography and conceptual photography. Both digital and analog.

Looking through the lense brings the security of knowing I can capture the image, which ever way I want. The strength of photography is the fact that a moment can be taken into a visualization. It becomes a memory, or an image that can surprise you when you see the results. Once captured, the possibility arises to return to that particular moment. 

​For business inquiries, collaborations, questions, quatations, collaborations or my portfolio, please contact me by filling in the form. 



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